How to pay for cource

Step 1: Choosing the appropriate Polish language course
Do you need to know Polish to find a better job? Are you going to learn Polish to get to study in Poland? We hope you have read the information about Polish language courses in Schola Polonica. Now you need to choose a course at the right time and at the right proper level.

Step 2: Registration
To become a student of Schola Polonica, simply register for the selected course. On the "Closest courses" page, all you have to do is register for the chosen course and proceed to payment. Payments can be made via PayU or bank transfer.

Step 3: Payment
After paying for the course, you will receive a confirmation of payment, if the payment is successful or not. After receiving the payment, you will receive an invoice or receipt.

Payment information options:
1. Congratulations. The payment process was successful.
2. Unfortunately, the course fee could not be paid.

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