Online intensive group courses of Polish

Online intensive group courses of the Polish language with a teacher are "live" lessons conducted on a special communication platform. Access to these lessons is possible wherever you are in the world. Our online group courses are available at all levels.

Advantages of the online course

  • you study the language in pleasant, small groups
  • you save time traveling to the location of the language school
  • you successfully develop your language skills in a friendly atmosphere

What intensive group online courses look like:

  • the course is conducted in international groups of 4 to 6 people
  • lessons are conducted by one teacher.
  • classes are conducted on set days and hours. Students meet 3 times a week for 2 lessons (2x45 minutes).
  • experienced lecturers make sure that your participation in all classes is conducted in real time, therefore you will get to know the language in a natural way.
  • thanks to the virtual platform, you actively participate in classes, carry out tasks and share your reflections and resolve doubts with the teacher and other people in the group.
  • to participate in live classes simply log on to the website at a set time, from any place with internet access.
  • after the class, you get homework that will allow you to record the teaching material.

Organizational rules

  • Sign up for the course after completing the application form (online or at the school office) and paying the course fee.
  • Groups are formed on the basis of the language competence and individual needs of participants. In order to determine the students level of language competence he/she is required to write a test or have an interview with a teacher.
  • The school reserves the right to change teachers during the course in case of important organizational reasons.
  • The course ends with a test covering the course content. A positive test result qualifies for a higher level course.
  • Students who do not complete the course are not awarded a certificate of course completion . However, at the request of the student, the school may issue a certificate of participation in the course.
  • The school does not refund money for absenteeism

Technical requirements

Learning at home so far has never been that easy! You do not need to install additional software. All you need in order to take advantage of our lessons is:

1. Computer with a multimedia kit (speaker and microphone)
2. Internet access
3. Internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Mozilla, Opera)
4. Free Skype / Zoom program installed
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